Friends are for keeps!

Today, due to some evening plans, I decided to take a local bus to office. After boarding a completely jam packed bus, I became a witness to an amazing thing that I want to share with you all here. The bus was full of school going kids. I was standing close to the last seat where I had a clear view of the road behind through the rear wind screen of the bus. There were a bunch of naughty and noisy, yet sweet school kids occupying the last seat. As we past the HEDA builders apartments near 1st stage, all the kids started looking back and saying “He is going to miss the bus man”.

Looking to the rear I saw a young lad running towards the bus. I thought the next bus stop was a little further and the kid would definitely not make it. This was just what the kids inside the bus also thought. But the kid: He never stopped running! The bus approached the bus stop, stopped for a while, a few passengers got off and on the bus and there… it started to leave again. The kid was still a couple of yards away: still running.

As the bus left the stop, the kid – realizing he can’t make it – gave up! To my surprise all the last row kids shouted in the bus in unison: STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! The driver didn’t know what was going on at the back stopped the bus midway to check. This was sign enough: the kid started running again and made it!

I thought to myself: “Such are friends! After all, what are friends for?”.
Have a good day!

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