Today was my saddest day ever …

Little did I know what the next few days are going to unravel when I set off for this adventure-packed trek on Saturday. Had I had a clue I would ve gone some place urgent. As a mortal, you always think in hindsight: “if only I knew, I could have done something to prevent it…”. There are a million thoughts crashing into each other in my mind right now. I am expressionless for the first time in my life!

Yesterday, being a Sunday, was a working day for us. In the last leg of the day, a split second high voltage supply ruined everything we worked for. Our brand new UPS, 1 PC, and many other equipments were all literally charred to extinction. I thought to myself: “Today is a bad day, we shouldn’t have worked on a Sunday”. Yet I had no clue that I was still waiting for the saddest event to unravel. How miserable I feel now being in this position of helplessness.

Me and my closest friend used to talk almost every alternate day in last couple of weeks. Only this one week, due to my illness, I hadn’t called him. I still feel I shouldn’t have made that call this morning. I try to argue to myself that things would have been different had I not called. As the old adage goes: “No one can change the future. What has to happen will happen.”. It is a sad day for me today. It is an unforgivable day to my closest friend. His soul mate has departed. I remain silent on the call in disbelief.

Those small yet significant moment that we shared with her, the harmless pranks I played, the little jokes we shared… I shall cherish them for life. She had this very soothing happy-go-living personality who was always fun to be around.

May God rest her soul in peace.

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