Healthy living my way: First full week to Office on a bicycle!

There are hundreds and thousands of two wheelers on Indian roads. Of all the two wheelers probably bicycle hold a very minority stake! Why? In this ever increasing uptrend of the fuel prices, why aren’t people giving up their fuel guzzlers (motorbikes, cars) and taking on the greener alternatives (bicycle)? I can think of hundreds of reasons. Here are a few top ones:

Many: “Everyone is in a Race! Life is a race! Race against time! Get more in less time… ”

A few think: “My neighbour will get ahead of me… ”

Competitiveness to the heights: “My classmate saves time by riding a speed bike and will get more marks than me…”

Elderly advice: “It is unsafe for bicycles on Indian roads! You won’t even know what hit you!”

Most common Elderly discomfort: “What will people say? You are the Manager/Head/blah blah of some XYZ company for God’s sake!”

You might rank these reason differently according to your state of mind and the area you live in. But in gist, this is true isn’t it? While the developed world is moving towards saving energy, growing/living a healthy life… we in the so called developing world (still) ie. India, are hell bent on abusing/wasting energy and kicking about to walk down that unhealthy lane (junk food/booze).

As for me? Over the last 2 years, after coming back from healthy UK to adapt back into the Indian conditions and our people in general, I simply followed what every one else did. Which is: buy a two wheeler to whiz to and fro from your office everyday and also have a four wheeler handy to go out on that rare once in a while family outing!

Its good really, not at all bad except I got promoted from a 63 kilo guy to a 75 kilo fat shorty! 🙂
I know you have a smile on your face now. Trust me, in recent days, I was experiencing a lot of unhealthiness. I could quickly catch an infection, get sick frequently and above all get tired at doing simple physical activities.

Finally here it is: call it the final nail in the coffin: the petrol prices soared to nearly 75 Indian rupees per litre!
I said to myself, to hell with saving time, hell with others getting ahead of you and hell with what other think. I don’t want to pay a hefty price for fuel to get more and more unhealthy. I DO NOT want to be unhealthy by paying a hefty fuel price at the least.

And it happened. Feeling not very confident that I could still do it, I borrowed my nephew’s bicycle to try it out.

And what followed is history! I am getting back in shape! 3 kilos down in 1 week! Healthy living… here I come!

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