2015 – an Year at a Glance

Yet another year goes by. It was indeed some year for me. Lots of activities, lots of learnings and loads of new stuff. Sharing the Ups and Downs of 2015…

Down Side

Sunk Funds


The start of 2015 marked the move to Hubli from Belgaum. We had sunk more a Crore into our new office in Belgaum which had to be now vacated. Our vision at the start of year 2014 was to create a one of its kind office in Belgaum for people to feel happy and proud to work in Spundhan. However, sudden developments towards the end of 2014 leading to our move to Hubli changed everything.


This undeniably is one of most critical errors on my part. I didn’t see it coming is not a good excuse. I failed as an entrepreneur to be frugal. Although the investment will not go waste, if saved there were many other areas where it would have helped. Now the fund remains locked into the infrastructure. My heart aches every time I cross this space on the road.

Shifting/Moving Stuff


This was an year of packing and moving stuff from Belgaum to Hubli. In Hubli, we started off at a small office space in BVB campus. Mid year we again shifted base to a better office in Vidyanagar. Again we had to shift all stuff. I must appreciate the spirit of all our employees. They not once twitched about it and helped whole hearted to move the stuff.

My house in Hubli is now a big store room for intermittent things we do not know what to do with? or where to put them? 2016 will one hell of a year to sell most of these which are in great condition but we don’t need.


Up Side



It was not a smooth transition from Belgaum to Hubli. Many things changed. But the opportunity was greater than everything else. Not one, but multiple opportunities came by. I started fresh with a new company (LinkEZ) and exciting times returned.

Great Connects


This was the best year for connects. I found great mentors and learnt a lot under their mentorship. I found an amazing person in my partner and a great family to connect to. Made loads of friends in Hubli.

One major thing that happened for me – my Employees became family members. When we decided to move to Hubli, I bestowed my trust upon all my employees and requested them to join me in this new quest. To my surprise, not many took this chance. I realised I had failed as a leader to keep my team together. Many couldn’t see what I saw. Some had their personal reasons of course.

But those who came I whole heartedly thank them – Sanjeev, Sushant and Swapnil. You are my Heroes and I can’t thank you guys enough for having put your trust in me and following me all the way. I am sure – in years to come – you will reap BIG rewards.


Work – Life Balance

24×7 Enjoyable Work


It was important to ensure we stick to our task and deliver great products. Work became more fun that way and as a team we delivered multiple products this year. We all as a team matured, each having shared equal responsibilities. I love my team @ LinkEZ!


My travel for work this year got shunted tremendously. In 2014, I remember, I used to travel out of town twice every month. Now I travel once every 6 months or so. Personal travel for pleasure on the other hand increased. We explored the new town and the surrounding places. Time well spent with family and friends traveling together.

Home department

Luckily our house happened to be right opposite to our office. It was an accident but a happy one. My quality of life improved a lot because of this. I go home to have hot lunch, I spend more time with my kid. My daughter now is more connected to me than before. No time wasted in travel from office to home.


In summary, what an year it was… I am sure my colleagues who are with me in this same boat will know what I am talking about. Folks, lets take it from here and kick ass in 2016!


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