20 Years on, a Walk down the Memory Lane

As a kid, I was very reserved with strangers. Although, my friends and Mom – whom I troubled the most – knew how naughty and stubborn I actually was. On stage, I would literally shiver and stutter to even utter a word. The fear of being made fun of always haunted me.

Today, I am a different person. I am more out spoken than reserved. I easily pick up conversation with a stranger and can entertain any size group completely extempore! I must admit, the change in me has been massive. This change I attribute to the village I grew up in – Deogiri (Bellary district) and the early school I went to – Sandur Residential School (Sandur, Bellary district).

It had been 20 long years since I had moved out of this place. The pull had increasingly become unavoidable. I had to go back there again and revisit my memories of old times.


My School – SRS


This is where I cultivated the habit of reading books after books. I used to read anything and everything. There were great books on science experiments, inventions, etc.


Sports was given more importance than studies. We played to our heart’s content for 2 hrs everyday. We played foot ball, cricket, malakhamb, gymnastics, etc.


There were so many dedicated placed to teach different kinds of crafts or art such as wood carving, clay/plottery, singing, music, drawing, etc.


We had great teachers, the memories of whom I can never forget. Kale Sir, Stefan akka, Geeta akka, Saroja akka, Nagraj Sir, Hukkeri Sir, Arundatti akka, Alan Sir and the list goes on and on. I am sure all of us remember our school teachers more than college teachers/lecturers.


My Town – Deogiri

Hard Play

We used to play all through out the day until late evening. Our games were more physical and outdoors than indoors. Be it hunting down chameleons, bull-bulls, scorpions or jumping from one branch of the tree to the other.

Big Risks – No Rewards

As kids we never bothered about rewards. We took huge risks. Wandered in jungles alone. Ate unknown fruits, got sick, jumped from first floor of the house, went mud sliding on top of ore dumps. We had no fear. We became the risk takers.

Friendship with the Wilderness

Living amidst dense forest area made us so accustomed to wilderness that we could easily catch rabbits, birds and were not afraid of seeing a snake or a leopard. I have had the opportunity to keep as pets – rabbits, parrots, bull-bull, squirrels, white mice, dogs, and fish.

Holiday Projects

There were numerous hobby projects I have executed. Be it building a model house, automation, fountains, electronics. Mistakes I made plenty and every time I learnt a new tool. In holidays, I used to play around with machines in my Dad’s mechanical workshop tinkering at one or the other thing.

Calling all Friends

Heres calling all my friends from SRS and Deogiri. If you guys were there where I was or have been, please do get in touch. I miss you all! Except a few who are in touch, there are many who I cant find on social media.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sneha says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful Ameet. I just could imagine each and everything we did and enjoyed in our childhood days…. It was a lovely flash back.Thanks!!!! It was the best part of my life.


  2. Venkatraman Hegde says:

    Wonderful write up giving all the information about childhood days.Nice co-ordinating photographs.


  3. Vikas says:

    wonderful memories Ameet. Ameet do you remember for Vikas,Rafi,khalid & Hari, your juniors,we used to travel in the same bus.


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