Launching (Indian Classifieds Site) …

The most awaited stable release of the Indian Classifieds site is finally up. Visit: The site offers users to post their advertisements absolutely FREE of cost. The site caters to almost all cities in India and there are numerous categories one can post an Ad into.

After several weeks of development and alpha testing by friends and family, we are releasing a stable version the Indian classifieds website

Ladies and gentlemen, please point your browsers to

What is ?

A simple website to post classifieds online for free. It has been exclusively created for Indian users, and covers all districts in the country (600+).

Everything about the site is geared towards simplicity, including:

  • the look — very few graphics + dynamic interface
  • the operational model — zero intervention between seller and buyer is our policy.

What is it not ?

While making the site, one path we did not tread (nor intend to tread) is social networking. We will likely add more features in the future to facilitate collaboration between groups of users. But we don’t expect it to become a core feature of the site.

The reason is — keeping things simple for everyone, in particular the average or internet newbies.

A brief walk-through of

Here are some of the features of



While posting an Ad the user is required to select the most relevant category. This in turn helps people to quickly and easily find what they need. Care has been taken to include the most common categories the users will encounter in their daily life.

Ads that offer and Ads that want


Broadly speaking, every Ad has either something to offer to the viewer, or wants something from the viewer. It is specified during the creation of an Ad, and helps viewers to quickly find items that offer or want something from them.

Specifying the location


Viewers can choose to filter their Ads depending on the physical location. One can choose a specific city, a state or all locations in India.



We are very concerned about your privacy and take it very seriously.

There is an in-built mechanism to contact users, without needing to divulge either the seller’s or buyer’s contact information until each party voluntarily chooses to do so.


Users/Visitors to the site can view/search all advertisements without requiring to login. However, to protect your privacy, you required you register as a member in order to post a new or respond to an Ad.

Membership on is absolutely FREE, and requires just a confirmation of your email address. You can choose your own profile-name aka avatar.

Stay tuned

There is more to come. Thanks for your attention. Please do check it out. Here’s the link once again:

We would be delighted to hear from you. Send us your feedback!

Stay tuned for more… 🙂

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  1. uday says:

    Wow great stuff another one from Belgaum
    keep up the good work folks


    1. ammubhai says:

      Thanks Uday.


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