Our new family member: Bruno!

Bruno: our Prince!
Bruno: our Prince!

It was a chance meeting arranged by my Sis that day. It was hot that summer afternoon and we had to leave in a hurry. Me, Harshad and Pinks went to a person we know in Camp area Belgaum who had this cutie pie for us.

I spent most of my childhood around pets. Me and Pinks were very fond of animals and used get home anything we found cute. Our Pet journey started when I was too young (II standard) while in Goa, at the time – we brought home two cute little mice.These were the laboratory ones (white fur with red eyes) – the knockout mice as they are called. I wish we had digital cameras then… would have definitely posted their photo here. :-).

Anyway, after the mice in Goa we moved home to Deogiri (in Bellary district) where we slowly moved on to Birds. We brought home injured birds, wild birds like sparrow, wild parrot (one that does not talk like us), bullbull, etc. Our job was to wait until the bird healed and then let it free! It was great fun… at school the only thing on my mind would be – “what my little pet would be doing right now?”. Then came squirrels, rabbits, and of course three dogs one after the other – Rocky, Bunty, and another – the only female doggy who got robbed even before we named her. 😦

Then we moved to Belgaum and had to concentrate on studies and career. Our granee wasn’t interested in pets at all so we had entertain ourselves petting others pets. 🙂 At the time, I told myself – “I will definitely have a cute doggy when I grow old”.

Even before I realised two years into a software job and I left India for UK to do my Ph.D. at the University of York. Taming and feeding myself was in itself a huge burden (a far fetched dream) and so I forgot about our little friend to be.

Voila! Start of this year and we permenantly moved back to Belgaum (my home town). “Can I now have a pet at home please?” – were my thoughts. Just a week back we all had witnessed the gracious Dog show in Belgaum and I knew – “Getting my own pet at home wasn’t too far from here”.

Bruno after his 1st bath.
Bruno after his 1st bath.

So here we were, waiting intently outside our camp friend’s shop for the cutie to arrive. I told myself – “Say No without hesitation if you like it”. In the past we have felt pity grabbed anything that came along.

Bruno's Profile :-)
Bruno's Profile 🙂

The poor little thing arrived on a motorbike, in scorching sun. The person put it down on the hot summer tar (road). He was 42 days old and immediately started limping, jumping here and there. We realised the tar was burning his tender feet. Oh… dear dear… he was so cute that we could hardly find anything wrong. It was an instant yes from us! Pinks, me and Sush gave him a shower and played with him all day.

So here we are – Tanisha named it Bruno and thats how we brought home our new family member.

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