1995 batch St. Marians Reunite after 21 years

A day to remember – 21-May-2016, when 30-40 St. Marians of 1995 batch came together under one roof to spend an entire day indulging themselves walking down the memory lane.

Our very own School

It was great exploring the many changes in School. We looked at the 10th results over the years. We saw Pankaj Kadwadkar’s name against 1995 batch X std results (1st Rank). Immediate thoughts that struck were: Swati Rao and the competition for 1st Rank, how some of the duffers like myself who didn’t talk much and only indulged in studies? all the many tricks played by Hunumya, Girya, Rakhlya …, the chewing gum stuck under classroom benches, the chalk carvings by Denny Gorge, our very own Michael Jackson, dubba dubbi played with rubber, numerous hide-n-seek games… Ah! It was so nostalgic. Our teachers – Jasmine Miss, Alvaris Sir and Clemy Miss – they all are still the same.



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Game On

By the time reality struck, we were all sweating profusely after a game of Lagori. Madhuri was determined to get us all to play the game. Thanks to her it was an amazing experience. For once, it took us back to being these little kids who didn’t care about all the worldly things in life. Even after 21 years, we still had the same vigour and energy.

More games were to come. After reaching Pai resort we played lemon and spoon, savoured delicious food.

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Naresh sportively absorbed all the Sunny Leon pranks we played on him. Anya almost got 5.5 lakhs off him to arrange Sunny Leon to sport Naresh’s lungi and perform the famous Lungi dance. 😉

How we all felt we should meet like this every year.


A Doctor’s Confession

It came to my attention that many of my classmates thought I was a Doctor in Medicine. In the entire day, I got asked: your job must be tough isn’t it? where do you practice? what is your area of specialization? etc. etc. Although I told a few of you the real Doctor in me, to many I went hand in glove with the story. 😉

Heres my confession: folks I am not a medicine doctor. I am a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Embedded Systems. A technology guy. No matter how much I try, I can only make people sick by eating their brains forget about curing them. 😀

An Evening to Remember

Friends are for keeps as they say. Meeting after 21 years, many couldn’t recognise each other and yet we had the same love for each other. Ranjana, who I had no recollection of, let me take her expensive SLR camera home. No wonder she was tensed about it as I delayed my entry to the evening party. I must admit, that thought did come to me. hehe… just kidding :-p.

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The evening took a drastic turn after the men put overcame their inhibitions and came running to the dance floor. Never imagined what happens after the spiritual drink gets into your body. Hands and legs started shaking freely. It felt as if we all – girls and boys – always wanted to groove to the music since time immemorial. 🙂 I was equally amused by many a talks of the old time crushes guys had on certain girls. Who teased whom … etc. etc.

Oh Yes! Not to forget the rigged game of musical chairs that ensure Parshya won! 😀 And the super delicious cake (courtesy Amogh). We missed you buddy – it reminded me of our Kannda tutions in 10th std.

All-in-all I bow to the organizers – Madhuri, Amya (Jain) and Imran for creating this amazing experience on an otherwise ordinary Saturday. Thanks a ton!

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