2013 – a Year at a Glance

I just realised I have been silent on this blog for almost over a year now. So what was cooking all this while you may ask? Heres how it went for me since January 2013 to January 2014.

FikrFREE was Born.


In February 2013, my uncle Dr. Prakash Diwan called on me and said, “Ameet there is so much wrong happening to our women today. Each day theres a rape reported in the papers. You are the IT guru, can you not do something?”. This thought left me restless for a while and kept pondering on things that could be done to help our women.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 22.33.23

Soon we started working on an idea of an Android App that could help people in distress call for help. This we called FikrFREE, released in Sep 2013, it got great coverage in all major newspapers including Times of India, New Indian Express and The Hindu.

Trust. Ethics. Policies.

What is life if you don’t trust anyone? When someone trusts you, you keep that trust alive and ensure you stand by it all the time. This incredible year began with trust and betrayal. Generation Y has forgotten this simple fact of life. Here is whats up in the industry today: Hire an employee, give him/her enough encourage, guidance and training so that he/she gets up to speed and becomes a real engineer. Just a year of experience with hands on training, he/she is thinks they ve gained all the knowledge in the world. Next moment, he/she doesn’t want you anymore and away they go without even bothering to tell you. Some fake it so bad that they think we don’t know what they are doing.

Are parents teaching very wrong values to their kids today? Are our teachers in school and colleges responsible for this problem. Well! Do we really have time for all this? So we quickly put some policies in place to safeguard our company’s and other good employees’ interests and moved on.

Travel. Stress. Customers.

Yes. Indeed there has been a lot of traveling done in year 2013-14. Both local and abroad, I ve spent little or close to no time at home with my close ones. Its been an year of full throttle deal making and going for the kill. Hunting for customers I ve traveled west and east and Yes! With great success! In this entire year there were very few deals that I was not able to close. All credit goes to my team who have stood by me all the while. This is the year when we announced more than 100% hike to everyone.

Go Spundhan. Go.

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