E-mail: missed sending an attachment?

This is so common these days that I chose to write about it. Emails have become a crucial part of our life now. All communication now happens via emails. People applying for jobs, applying for higher studies, asking for information, and many more. Ever wondered what happens if you miss attaching an important file to your email? I get job application day in and day out. Many fail to attach their resumes/CVs. Question is: Do they know they haven’t attached their resume? Will they ever come to know?

What do I do?

How can I help? Do you expect me to write back to you asking for a resume? Sorry, that is simply not possible. I get 100s of them and I don’t care if one or two don’t have their resumes attached. They are straight away sent to trash with no second thoughts.

It might not just be job applications. People think different in different parts of the world. What will they think of you when you miss an important attachment?

My Message: Get hold of your lives… organise and double check before you send that very important email.

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