It is reported – over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in India in year 2013. On an average 16 under age kids die on Indian roads daily [1]. Almost one death every minute in India [2].

Why do so many people die in road accidents? What could be the reason?


There could be many reason:

  1. Drink and Drive
  2. Road-Rage or Rash driving
  3. Increased traffic but smaller roads
  4. Under age driver without license
  5. many more …


Lets focus on the 4th point – Under age driver (Kid) without license. Increasingly, I have on several occasions noticed young kids driving two wheelers in the neighbourhood either to get a small chore job done or to go for tutions/coaching classes or even school.

Courtesy Economic Times [3].
Furthermore, I have even seen parents feeling proud to declare their son who is still a kid can drive. So much so that they even allow their kids to drive on the road by sitting behind as a pillion rider!

Courtesy [4]
In the olden days (80s to 90s), things were different. There were hardly any vehicles on road and if at all, we would allow kids to drive in a safety zone (ground/back yard/etc.). Not every household could afford a two wheeler even.

Today things are different. In year 2012, there were totally 11,54,19,000 (11.5 Crore) two wheelers in India [5]. Everyone now owns at least one if not two. Roads are filled with two wheelers and with many newbie drivers.

My sincere request to parents is to think twice before you give your lad/lass permission to drive your two wheeler without a driving license.

Can you guarantee their Safety?


Courtesy The Hindu [6]
If something happens,

You do not get a second chance. You will repent for your entire Life!


Get them off these dangerous roads today. Do it now!