Why Customer Management is Key to Success in Business?

Richard Branson says, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients” India, like many other countries going through developing phase, has come through several growth phases from a Business point of view. In the very early days, it was the Zamindar’s…

Ladakh: How it all started?

A trip full of surprises and many first hand experiences one could have possibly never faced before. This is one episode I wanted to pen in my blog for a long long time now. So here it goes … My trip to Mumbai This is completely freaky and I still can’t believe I did this all….

Rider Mania 2012

Yes. Its been a long time since I wrote. Been busy is not my excuse. I ve been doing a lot of travelling lately: both for business and pleasure. One such pleasurable trip was to Rider Mania 2012 recently. Its an event held annually for all Royal E…

Felt nostalgic: this time I was a tourist in York.

The train to York from London was late as usual. Got off the train, stood in the queue for taxi,… got in a taxi and said, “XX Hobgate please.”. Yes. York was once my home. We used to live in Hobgate. This time round I visited York on business much as a tourist. Every street…

Ian’s magic on the Organ.

It was one of those rare Saturday afternoons when the clouds were at bay and the sun shining upon us (a bit too hot for York). Me, Ian and Johnathan chose to take a short walk after lunch. Through the loch, we came upon a Church which we found was totally unmanned when we entered….