Service level agreement in India is one very important thing missing amongst the way people provide service in Indian businesses. Everyone is so casual about things that he/she is least bothered about their customer’s time.

Yes. Time. In today’s fast moving world where things change left right and center within minutes – TIME is an important factor. My ongoing stint with the HDFC Bank Ltd. for example is a great example that show how bad a simple thing can get.

The bank by default provides online internet banking services but does not allow you o transfer funds to different accounts. Great thinking to make internet banking secure. We recently requested for a third-party transfer access to the internet banking. Oh wait a minute, did I say recently… sorry it is now nowhere in our recent past. Shall I say we requested this last year in Oct 2009! Yes. That was nearly more than 3 months back! The bank has still not given us the access we requested for. Can anything so simple can take so long? What wrong did we do? Despite having to sign the documents again and again, still no results.

Can people not understand that customer is why they are in business and customer satisfaction should be their utmost priority? I have to follow up on this issue each time. Not once have the people from the bank taken the initiative to do it themselves.

This is not just with HDFC Bank, the trend is prevalent in all kinds of businesses. When will the Govt. act to protect the customers. All the Consumer courts, etc. I am yet to knock on… but is this what others also experience? I am ashamed to be amongst a bunch of pathetic losers.

Wake up India! Embrace the reality. Serve your customer well! Good Service is equal to Good and Happy Customer!